Although, clearly, The California Hepatitis C Task Force is based in California and focuses on this state, our affiliated organization GIANT International has a great presence all over the African continent. Many of our esteemed collaborators are based there and providing essential services to their regions. Also, many of the GIANT team, even if based in the United States, were trained in Africa and have deep ties there. But as we await a site update from GIANT, this seems a good place to highlight these collaborations.

So why not a special section devoted to Africa? We’ll have our people give us reports from on the ground, but also additional stories and information from around the vast and diverse continent.

For now, we’ll highlight some musicians and videos from Africa, both current and classics. Some should give you a flavor of current life, which is always far from our limited perceptions here in the United States.

The best approach would be to highlight musicians and other artists who are known for their charitable contributions, especially to the fields of public health and medicine. But we’ll let the experts find and choose those! For now, we offer an arbitrary selection of music we enjoy.


  • South Africa – Blaq Diamond with Ommy Dimpoz

  • Ethiopia – Qwanqwa ቋንቋ – Kemekem

  • Zimbabwe – Berita

  • Zambia – Yo Maps featuring Berita

  • Nigeria – Aṣa (Ocean)

  • Senegal – Rema Diop

  • Guinea – Mory Kante

  • Uganda – Juliana Kanyomozi

  • Congo – Papa Wemba

  • First Report from the Africa Desk

  • Africa

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